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The Beatles as Recording Artists

The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles

Western Swingtime Music: A Cool Breeze in the American Desert

SING OUT! | June 1974

“On the Record! (Dis)Covering The Beatles”

The Beatles in Context (Cambridge University Press) | 2020

When gospel sermons came on the phonograph

The Conversation | 2017

The first truly African-American musical form, the “Spirituals,” took shape in the 17th and 18th centuries within the generations of slaves born into the tough American experience. Music was a daily part of their survival and sustenance.

How They Got Over movie poster.

How They Got Over: A Brief Overview of Black Gospel Quartet Music

Juniata Voices | 2015

The forgotten voices of race records: Pullman Porters, the Rev TT Rose, and the ‘Man with a Clarinet’

The Conversation | 2015

Bottom line: if record companies could get away with it, there was no bottom line. No negotiated contract to sign. No publishing. No royalties. Wham bam thank you man.

A Rough Rugged Road: From Georgia to Chicago to Hollywood with Bumble Bee Slim

Living Blues | 1997

“I Ain’t Lyin’!”…The Unexpurgated Truth about Rudy Ray Moore

Living Blues | Issue 157, Volume 32, No. 3

“Oh Mary Don’t You Weep”–The Swan Silvertones (1959) The Library of Congress National Song Registry

The Library of Congress National Song Registry